Community Lessons and Chamber Kids

by Josh Addison, musiConnects resident musician


musiConnects is delighted to announce that the Springhouse retirement community has agreed to host community concerts! Located in Jamaica Plain, the Springhouse boasts an intimate performance space complete with a baby grand piano and a basically guaranteed in-house audience of Springhouse residents. At our first two Springhouse recitals, musiConnects students, Chamber Kids, and the Sumner Quartet performed to a packed house of parents, relatives, friends and appreciative residents.

These Springhouse concerts will afford students further opportunities to meet new faces and to make new friends as students from the in-school programs at the Chittick and the Sumner and those enrolled in community lessons and Chamber Kids come together to perform for one another. At our December recital, Chittick student and cellist Julien Burks dazzled in a performance of French Folk Song, and violist Saniya Antoine shared a beautiful rendition of Rigadoun at our March recital. We hope that many more Chittick and Sumner students will follow in their footsteps!

The Chamber Kids premiered their rendition of End of the Day by Sheila Nelson at the March recital. In preparation for this performance, the students practiced the art of rehearsing. Each student utilized a full score of End of the Day to discover where their particular musical line was primary and where it was secondary as well as where they share melodies or rhythms with other instruments. With these discoveries in hand, they were able to adjust their dynamics so as to achieve balance, to create unified musical shapes and contours, and more generally to open their ears to the complexity and fullness of the music. Just as important, they continued learning how to treat each other respectfully and to work constructively as they express their musical opinions. In making beautiful music these students are honing their social skills!

We hope to grow our Chamber Kids program and to continue to share the wisdom and joy of chamber music with young people. I encourage interested parents to make use of the contact form located on the “Private Lessons and Chamber Kids” tab under the heading “Community.” With enough interest we will be able to create additional Chamber Kids groups for the fall of 2014.


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