A message from Michael


I am writing to you from the Avenue of the Arts, not far from New England Conservatory’s Jordan Hall, at the office of the NPR show “From the Top” where I have taken on a full-time position in the education department.

My role here, as Program Manager for Arts Leadership on the National Tour, is to engage performers on the show as leaders in the arts. I introduce the young musicians to pictures of practice through an Arts Leadership Orientation, produce an outreach workshop with the group, and advise them on leadership projects in their locale. In this slideshow, there are some photos of me on the job!

This position takes me to many states across the US (South Dakota and Ohio so far, with California and North Carolina coming this month). In between travels, I am in Boston and I am not all that far from the Chittick! The musiConnects community – with its inspiring students, parents, supporters, and teachers – remain close to my heart. This year, I am glad to perform with the BPQ as a regular guest musician, visit the students for their performance parties, and continue to be an ambassador for the valuable work that musiConnects does in the neighborhoods of Boston.

I wish all of you a wonderful autumn season and I can’t wait to see the students’ growth at the next performance party!




Michael and Jovi, 3rd grade cello student at the Chittick, spring 2013.




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