Let’s Go, Chamber Kids!

I am proud to report that a number of students who formerly received music
instruction as participants in the Chittick residency are continuing their musical
education with musiConnects’ Community Lessons program. And, on a personal
note, I am thrilled to continue working with Johanna Stim-Phil, Clarence Joseph and
Joseph Bibb—all former Chittick students—in private lesson and chamber music
settings. We are encouraging Boston-area students to continue applying for spots in
Chamber Kids throughout the year as we are seeking to expand certain groups and
indeed create new ones if the demand requires it!

Part of the excitement of the past few weeks has been the process of choosing new
repertoire for students. Some Chamber Kids are planning to become masters of the
musical “round,” whilst others (Johanna and Joseph) have conspired to bring the
music of Star Wars to the musiConnects community in an exciting String Quartet
arrangement! We hope to follow this first foray into the music of cinema with a
John Williams medley to include themes from Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones…
And beyond the printed scores, we continue to add new improvisatory games and
exercises to our repertory (credit to Raina Hall-Brown, Samkyu Jaffe and Divya
Murthy for thinking up some awesome variations on music circle classics such
as “Rhythm Machine” and “Orchestra”).

Speaking of chamber music, one last tidbit of note: word on the street is that four
very passionate musicians and educators have begun playing together with the
intention of performing as the Sumner String Quartet…



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