New programming for older students

A string quintet in rehearsal at the Chittick Elementary School, April 26th, 2012

In 2012-2013, musiConnects is planning to nurture what has become a beautiful pattern: we will offer an introductory class to the new first graders, and promote new second graders into our full programming: weekly private lessons, chamber music, and Music Circle. But we also want to provide new, exciting enrichment activities for the returning musicians in grades 4-8, most of whom have been in the program since 2008! We marvel at these students’ rich and comprehensive curiosity about music; they wonder about how they fit into the wider musical world, they love to learn about music theory and composition, and they are interested in how musiConnects works as a public service organization. musiConnects is very excited to guide these growing young ladies and gentlemen in their musical and musically social pursuits!

Here is what is in store for them (in addition to lessons, music circle and chamber music) during our 6th season:

We are seeking partnerships with an orchestra, a chamber music concert series, and a compatible organization that provides long-term music education opportunities to under-served youth. We hope such partnerships will include inspiring and meaningful concert experiences, creative exchanges, and new friendships for our musiConnects students. Do you want to be one of these partners, or do you want to help us seek out interesting opportunities? Email us at

We will have our first musiConnects overnight music camp adventure!

Lastly, and most importantly, these 4-8th graders will take on important new leadership roles, including: mentoring younger musicians, organizing educational and social activities, and presenting on musical topics during weekly Music Circle, and at our public concerts and events.

We are thrilled to continue laying a strong foundation for these students to mature into the next generation of creative arts leaders. We also know how crucial it is for this programming to be high-quality, stimulating, and sincere as our students move into the most vulnerable times of their young lives.



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