In their own words

The Chittick fifth graders took time out of their recess to write or dictate a few sentences about playing an instrument. Today, this documentation can serve as a glimpse into their current world of music. Each year, or even more often, we will ask them to talk or write about their experiences in the program. Not only will their experiences through music grow and change, but so will their abilities to express them, and we want to know about both.

The best thing about learning how to play the viola is that once you know the viola, you can play other instruments too. If you get bored, or you have time, you can play the viola at home. I am excited about the concert, and excited about the field trips.

I love playing the violin because when I come home with it everyone wants to hear me play and it makes me feel good. I also like playing because I always wanted to play an instrument, and now I can. I love the violin, it is so cool.

I am happy to be in strings because before when I wasn’t in strings, at home when I was done with my homework all I did was watch T.V. and my dad says I have an intelligence in music and I took that advice and at school I went to ask “can I be in the strings group?” and when they said “Yes” I jumped for joy. That’s why I am lucky to be in strings.

I like cello because I get to play every Thursday. And because I get to learn a lot of songs. And I get to take it home.

If you play the violin, you can have something to do every time of the day and also if you keep playing you could become famous or just become very good at it.

When I play violin I get to play songs I never heard before. If you keep playing, and when you practice, you could be a professional. When I played violin before, in Georgia, they didn’t teach me this. The difference is I get to play with other people.

I like violin because it is different from the others – it is the only instrument that has an “E” string. I like to practice because you get to earn prizes – it helps you to learn.

I like cello. You can play nice songs, and you can play lower beats with the music. You can feel your body inside the music playing.


The best thing about playing an instrument is that it is an honor to play it and I’m really glad about that cause it makes me feel like that I can be the best of the best. And what makes it so special is that I’m the [first] kid in the Boston Citywide Orchestra and it’s an honor to play for an orchestra cause I get to practice more and also it makes me feel like I can do what I never think of. That’s why I’m so happy to play the viola

I play the cello because it always seemed like a fun instrument to play. And I think I will stick to that instrument. And I am excited for the performance on December 10th. And I can’t wait to be there.

Playing the cello may take a lot of work and a lot of strength but once you master it you find out that it is really not that difficult. I feel good about myself, about playing the cello. It is a gift to play an instrument.


One thought on “In their own words

  1. jahvarey:

    the best thing about playing an insturment is that is a onar to play it and im realy glad about that cause it makes me feel like that i can be the best of best and whats makes it so speacail that im the only kid in the chittick quartet is that im the only one that is in the boston city wide ogestra and its a onar toplay for an ogestra csuse i get to practice more and also it makes me feel like i can do what i never think of thats why im so happy to play the viola

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