June Performance Party

Our June performance party was a grand success!

The BPQ kicked it off with some Mozart, then we created a “Rhythm, Sound and Voice Machine,” (click here for our inspiration).

Each instrument group played their own special song; Cellos, “French Folk Song”, Violas, “Hello Moon” and Violins, “Lightly Row.”

THEN a fourth grade string quartet (playing “Candy Canes”) and viola quintet (playing “Bartok Bits of Juicy Fruit”) performed chamber music for the very first time! Both pieces were written by Betsy Hinkle, especially for the students playing. Click here for a taste of some of this music.

We topped off the evening with “optional family improvisation circle,” with pretty amazing results. Click here to witness the music making!


One thought on “June Performance Party

  1. Betsy’s inspirational work created an extraordinary event – transformational for both children and parents.

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