Messy Music, April 09

These pics were taken at this years annual “Messy Music” presentation at the Chittick School. “Messy Music” is an experiential art/music extravaganza specially created for the early childhood and special needs population at the Chittick.  Principal Michelle Burnett-Herndon brought BPS Early Childhood  Jason Sachs to witness, who stated “every school should have this.” Special Thanks to Rosie Sweeney and Nina Vansuch, arts specialists, and musicians Michelle Rush, Ashe Gordon, and Kate Jensik. Many Thanks to Sam Warren, who volunteered his time and shaving cream pod expertise!


June Performance Party

Our June performance party was a grand success!

The BPQ kicked it off with some Mozart, then we created a “Rhythm, Sound and Voice Machine,” (click here for our inspiration).

Each instrument group played their own special song; Cellos, “French Folk Song”, Violas, “Hello Moon” and Violins, “Lightly Row.”

THEN a fourth grade string quartet (playing “Candy Canes”) and viola quintet (playing “Bartok Bits of Juicy Fruit”) performed chamber music for the very first time! Both pieces were written by Betsy Hinkle, especially for the students playing. Click here for a taste of some of this music.

We topped off the evening with “optional family improvisation circle,” with pretty amazing results. Click here to witness the music making!

The Equity Project

I came across this article in the New York times, and I was very intrigued. A charter school is being created in NYC as an experiment to see just what exactly makes for a great school? The founder of the school, Zeke M. Vanderhoek, thinks that it is the teachers who make all the difference. He will start with a painstakingly selected team of 8 top-notch professionals, including a music teacher, latin teacher and physical education teacher. These 8 teachers will each recieve $125K to start, with the principal himself taking $90K. Their class size will be 30, and they will shoulder many administrative responsibilties as a team. I am very excited to know how the first year goes!  ~Betsy

click here to read the article

BPQ in the Community


During April vacation week, the Boston Public Quartet sprung into action, performing a series of concerts in Boston neighborhoods and beyond.

This photo was taken in front of the Roslindale House, a Rogerson Community which provides housing opportunities and adult day time activities for a variety of Boston residents.

We also performed at the Boston Home in Dorchester, a residency and health care facility for patients with MS.

Another concert was part of a Life Long Learning course called “The Sound of Music” in Newton.

Shaw Pong, Ashe, Kate and I had a great week performing music of William Grant Still, Mozart and Cole Porter!


Meet the Burrages!


Click here to hear the Burrages play Haydn

The Burrages share their experiences learning an instrument:

“I began learning the string bass when I was in third grade.  I didn’t
really take to it because it was hard to carry around so I switched to drums
and violin in 4th and 5th grade.  I had to pick between drums and violin in
6th grade so I chose violin.  In 8th grade I decided to play the cello.  I’ve
been playing cello now for almost three years.  Thing is, I almost quit music
after the first instrument, and if I had I would never have known how good it
feels to play music.  I really think all the other instruments helped me to
become a better musician all around.”   – Zach Burrage, age 16

“I began learning violin in 3rd grade.  It was a lot of fun, but
it got harder as I went along.  I stayed with it, even when at times I was so
frustrated I was ready to cry.  I just kept trying.  I’d put it down, then pick
it up again.  The more I practiced, the easier it came.”   – Lydia Burrage, age 16

“I started playing the violin in 2nd grade.  It was fun and easy
at first, then my teacher wanted me to practice and I hated that.  Almost seven
years later, and I still don’t like to practice.  Once I start it, it’s fun,
because once you start to sound good on a piece, it’s really cool and then you
want to keep going.”   – Miranda Burrage, age 14

Many Thanks to the Burrage Family for volunteering on Thursdays at the Chittick!