Do Re Mi, still a favorite

These Kindergartners began dancing spontaneously while I was playing

Spontaneous dancing while waiting in line to try the keyboard

For the past few weeks, we have been teaching the Kindergartners “Doe a Deer” a la Sound of Music. They absolutely love it! All of them! And they are actually singing it! It is so sweet – as the song nears its end and goes “Do-o-o-o” of course lending itself to be sung again… some would sing it 10 times if we let them! They spontaneously sing it waiting in line, at home for joyous Grandparents (who tell them they also know that song!).

And we don’t just sing it -we have drunk tea and eaten jam and bread, we have sewn with a needle pulling thread, we have practiced writing all of the sol feg syllables, and drawn self-portraits (me a name I call myself).

I hope “This Land is Your Land” holds the same weight.


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